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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beer Town USA - Asheville, NC

Me and my 'big city' mentality. How typical of me to believe there is nothing worthwhile down in North Carolina. That is just straight IGN'ANT! Asheville kind of swept me off my feet. My visit to beer town USA was too short but very sweet.

It was a perfect spring day, and I walked through the streets of Asheville feeling all kinds of hippie vibes. I got butterflies in my stomach as I passed a microbrewery on every. single. block. This really was a city of craft beer, I just wish I could stay long enough to try them all. 

I went in for lunch at Wicked Weed. The place was already crowded and it wasn't even noon. I tried a glass of their Imperial Coolcumber beer (9% ABV). It was served in a glorious goblet with a cute cucumber garnish. This particular beer spent 3 months in Cardinal Gin barrels and is infused with cucumber and basil. 

During lunch, where I had a delicious green curry chicken wrap on naan bread, I sampled many beers. One gluten free, one from Cabernet Savignon barrels, and others were strong and fruity. The variety at Wicked Weed is unreal, and it'll be revisited again soon. 

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