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Monday, January 6, 2014

Giant Portions at Benny's On The Beach

grew up vacationing in West Palm Beach, Florida. Well, Greenacres to be exact. I've been going there every year, since I was in the womb. The family and I would drive to Lake Worth Beach for the day and stop at Benny's On The Beach for breakfast. It's been a while since I ate at Benny's, but this past New Year's Day I had the best beachside brunch of my life.

The 30-minute wait for our table was not a problem for us. The bar was outside serving up spicy Bloody Mary's and mimosas so we indulged. We sipped the hair of the dog while sitting on stools facing out towards the ocean. There was an energy in the air that could only be from a mix of detoxing and retoxing.

Just when I thought food portions in the United States were gradually decreasing to conform with the rest of the worlds standards, Benny's proved me wrong. The first plate to arrive was about 2 feet by 2 feet. It was a grilled grouper sandwich that was super flaky and flavorful. The plate was packed with crispy french fries and a jumbo pickle sliced up like sashimi. I wanted to take advantage of all the seafood options on the menu so I ordered the lobster salad. It sounded healthier than the lobster roll. The dish came piled with fresh sweet fruit salad, and a lobster-stuffed avocado in the center. 

Post-brunch we took a walk down the pier and planned our next meal, as fatties do...

Mall of Dubai - A Lebanese Dinner

We ended up at the Mall of Dubai for dinner because we found that in Dubai, mall hopping isn't just a thing for teenage hipsters who sit and mingle in annoying groups in front of the stores they aren't shopping in. I had to erase the idea of Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island and accept a whole new 'mall culture' in Dubai.

Lebanese food was for dinner. It came dangerously close to being robbed of my short international cultural experience, but I lucked out that the Cheesecake Factory had a 45 minute wait. That's another story! We ate outside at Burj Al Hamam with a view of worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. We ate various appetizers of hummus, babaganoush, and salad with toasted pita chips. Entrees included falafel, kebabs, rice, and a lot of crispy homemade pita bread. 

The mall had so many options for restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Aside from the typical mall stuff, there was a movie theater, medical center, aquarium even an ice skating rink. By night time the families came out and the mall became crowded. In the UAE, nighttime is when everyone comes out, especially the kids. As for me, it's off to the airport. Goodbye Dubai!