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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Swiss Chuchi!

After walking in the heat all day it became a mission to find lunch. I had no idea what "Swiss food" meant. It didn't feel right eating French. It didn't feel right eating Italian. It didn't feel right eating German. So why don't I take a chance on a restaurant with "Swiss" in the title, and a fondue pot painted on the awning.

We sat at a table outside, and judging by the puddle of sweat I produced when my cheeks met the pleather chair, it was just too hot for fondue. Instead, we tried a few other plates that we heard are like, totally Swizzy.

Cheese, ham slices, and pickles (you will find, as we did, this is a theme) over a salad with some kind of creamy dressing was our first dish. A lot of cheese. Their cheese is not to be messed with. You can smell it coming.

Up next was the rösti, shredded potatoes fried in nugget-form and stuffed with cheese (surprised?) served over a salad with creamy dressing. It was like McDonald's breakfast hash browns, the gourmet edition, stuffed with cheese. Yum. Nothing makes more sense to me than fried carbs over a bed of lettuce.

We finished the meal with a meaty plate. A skewer of pig, if you will? Bratwurst, bacon, and pork on a stick with gravy to be exact. It was complimented by home fries. The whole production was washed down with a Swiss beer, Eichhof.


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  1. nice pics, nice blog, nice girl! keep up the good work, jackofalltravels.

    oh, you've got to do africa, there's some real *exotic* foods over there that will challenge you...