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Monday, July 29, 2013

Street Meat, Meet Zürich!

Zürich surprised me with a variety of street food I wasn't expecting. But then again, with Switzerland being surrounded by France, Germany, and Italy, I should've expected a little culinary genius brewing.

I stopped at a little yellow awning that read "Metzgerei Zgraggen". I didn't need to understand German, because the giant hanging sausage on the window told me that this was a necessary pit stop. In the display there were hot pretzels, fresh sandwiches, and a grill with sausages. Other fatty foods for sale included fried eggplant, potato salad, and loaves of meat wrapped in bacon with melted cheese.

The bratwurst was calling for me. It was the perfect on-the-go snack right before a rich fondue dinner (for those of us looking for a quick artery clogger). The fried eggplant was also good, a bit too greasy but at this point I wasn't going to act like I was counting calories.

Although Zürich can be a very expensive city, I could survive off touring the city on foot and making frequent pit stops at these reasonably priced street food joints.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Sun Never Sets on a Rockstar!

During the summer months in Reykjavik, Iceland, the sun shines for 23 hours a day. This means you should prepare to wear sunglasses around the clock, and sleep with an eye mask and blackout shades. It's just another reason why Reykjavik is out of this world.





Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Snacks at Snaps in Iceland

SNAPS bistro bar
Þórsgata 1
101 Reykjavík

Located on a cozy corner in the quaint walkable city of Reykjavik is Snaps. It's a modern bistro and bar with an artsy clientele. Everyone seemed to be tall, blonde, and beautiful. I decided that each person was either a musician, artist, or writer. We walked in around 5PM, and the place was surely 'bumpin' if you will...

Our first concern was to wet our whistle, so we ordered a carafe of the house red. We only ordered two appetizers, as we have many foods to try with only 24 hours in this city. The French onion soup with Icelandic Ísbúi cheese was decadent and delicious. The crispy cheese-drenched bread on top of the bowl was the highlight for me. We also indulged in the cheese souflé before heading out. The plates arrived beautifully presented and my only regret is not ordering more food.