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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Taking Tips From the Concierge

A good time nearby, said Troy, our trusted concierge.

The best local bar near our hotel (The Grace) in the central business district of Sydney. First, they won several awards on their beers. And I can tell you first hand, the beer is good. The bartenders were giving us generous samples of each beer until we found the one to settle down with. It was a long night of sampling. We met some locals, had a beer with our concierge Troy, and laughed with the bartenders. This was a good night all around. I should have taken notes because by the end I just couldn't remember the names of all my favorite beers. 
Chatting with some locals
The only way for two drunk girls to properly end the night is at the fast food joint next door, Oporto. We can't believe our drunken minds that anyone would name a sauce preggo. We banter with the cashier about how crazy that sauces name is, and ask if it will get us preggo. I thought she was amused by our slurring 'comedy', but looking back I now realize she just wanted us to take our food and call it a night.

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