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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Down a dark alley in Sydney....

Basement 152-156 Clarence St., Sydney
(Too cool for social media)

This place got written up enough times that I don’t need to go on and on about it. It’s a hidden whiskey bar down a dark alley, and there is a line, so come early! The bartenders are in aprons and mustaches, young and cool with an old-school look. The multi-tiered shelves were chock full of countless whiskey bottles, so you better get your spectacles on to read the board with over 300 kinds listed to choose from. The fun of getting the highly coveted seats at the bar is watching the bartenders at work. They swing like monkeys across the bar, latching on to the ceiling planks, climbing the whiskey wall ladder. It was a show. Aside from just whiskey, they can make any drink you choose, and they have a nice beer and wine list.

We were indecisive. I usually like to try what they are known for most, but in this case there were too many varieties to choose from. We spoke to our bartender about our dilemma and he came up with something for us to try. A juicer sat on the bar top. He put a whole Australian granny smith apple in the juicer (core and stem included) and out came a frothy green liquid. He poured the green apple juice into a glass with whiskey and shook it with ice. I was seriously skeptical, because my taste buds literally NEVER crave the sourness of a green apple, let alone mixed with whiskey. But to our surprise, this drink was phenomenal. We were very happy with our bartenders’ expertise and vowed to spread the good word of Baxter Inn back home in the states.

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