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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sydney Nightlife: Ivy


330 George Street, Sydney

I felt like we walked into a 1960's LA pool party. It was almost like a movie set. The bartenders at this open air venue wore skimpy outfits and the vibe was trendy, social, and at times, pretentious. Ouch - I didn't mean that! We saw some of the good and bad in the crowd that night. Early on, people flocked to the bars located in each corner of the lounge. Not a soul was found lingering near the pool. We had a few cocktails (served in plastic-looking canary yellow ceramic cups, we wanted to steal a few) and made a lap around the lounge to check it out. 
A DJ was playing while two girls sang their own spins on Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot. It was very entertaining and they got the crowd excited. Slowly more and more people were dipping their feet in the pool, and by the end of the night girls had their dresses hiked up while they danced thigh-deep in water. The tables and cabanas lining the pool were filled with party-goers and it felt like this was the place to be. 
Let me not forget the bathroom review! The unisex bathroom stalls are labeled with scandalous stick figures that suggest there's more to do than just pee and poo in there. The spacious stalls have tiled walls and a shower head next to the toilet. Interesting.
Unisex bathroom + shower

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