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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sydney: Lunch at Manly Beach

Manly Grill
Shop 1 30-31 South Steyne, Manly

We finally caught a day of sun. Our first beach day was upon us, so we hauled it to Manly Beach. A 20-minute express ferry ride away was this popular beach town. The streets were filled with surf shops, cafes, and bars. Surfers and sunbathers brought this town to life and it inspired us to sit on the patio of the Manly Grill for some lunch, cocktails, and people-watching.

We copied the table next to us and started with a bucket of prawns. Being at the beach means day drinking to me (what, not to you?), so we had to get a round of passion fruit caprioskas. When the prawns arrived, we realized they are indeed fully intact, and we would need to cut the head and tail off ourselves. I can’t believe I’ve never done that before! I picked off each shell using my thumbnail like a complete amateur. But eventually I got the hang of it like a pro. I even ripped the poop vein out in one shot (too much?).

For our main course, we tried the crab cakes and the soft shell crab. This was the best soft shell crab I’ve ever had in my life! It wasn’t too greasy, and it was brushed with spices. The meat inside was super moist and there was a crisp cold noodle salad underneath. The crab cakes – also phenomenal!

This was my favorite meal in Sydney. There’s nothing like sitting outside at a beachfront patio eating exceptional seafood! 

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