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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sydney: Drinks at Opera Bar

Opera Bar
Sydney Opera House
Lower Concourse Level

This recommendation comes from the concierge, Christian, at the Park Hyatt. Although we did not stay at the Park Hyatt, we were drawn to it for drinks with a view and sometimes just to use to bathroom. Don’t judge me, it was the nicest bathroom nearby where we were taking tourist pictures of the Opera House. Anyway, Christian suggested drinks for happy hour at Opera Bar. It’s located right under the Opera House and comes with excellent views of the harbor and the Opera House itself. It was perfect timing. As the sun began to shine, we walked over, sat on the open air deck, and ordered from the bar. First, a round of white wine. Then, fish tacos and parmesan truffle fries. The perfect afternoon snack with a view. Christian really got it right. We left the bar with a buzz and a sun burn, the best way to leave a bar!

View of the bridge and people walking across the top of it!
View from Opera Bar

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