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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sydney: Dinner at Sake

Sake Restaurant & Bar

12 Argyle St.
The Rocks Sydney
+61 (2) 9259 5656

After a rainy day of pub hopping, we go for our first dinner in Sydney. We chose this Japanese restaurant in the area of Sydney known as "The Rocks". From what I hear, this is the oldest area of Sydney, with cobblestone streets full of tiny boutique shops and trendy restaurants and bars. We sit ourselves down in Sake at the sushi bar for a few rolls. I ordered us each a glass of wine, though at this point I think we could've been better off with ice water. Like two starved prisoners finally released into the wild, we ate two bowls of edamame obsessively in silence. The life comes back into our eyes again, and just like that we are civilized. I guess we didn't know how hungry we were after a long jet lagged day of boozing. We settled on two rolls: The Prawn Tempura Roll with spicy mayo, spicy tobiko, and cucumber. And the Dynamite Roll with spicy tuna, shredded onion, cucumber, and spicy tobiko. It was the perfect serving size to fill us up and satisfy our sushi cravings. The decor was well thought out, we loved to watch the sushi chef make the rolls, and the location was ideal. The only complaint for me was the pricing. But this is something I would soon learn about Australia. While essentially a Spicy Tuna Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll would cost anywhere from $5-10 at home, it cost $18 here. This is only Day 1 of 7 in Australia and I'm figuring out that I will eat and drink myself into credit card debt. And I'll do it all with a smile on my face! {INSERT "YOLO" HERE}

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