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Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Very First Day in Australia

My Very First Day in Australia

What do we do after a 24-hour commute from New York to Sydney, when we are welcomed by a full day of heavy rain? We pushed through the urge to succumb to jetlag with a nap, and we began our first day in Australia.

The Star lobby
Fish & Chips at the food court
Pork buns and shumai at the food court

80 Pyrmont St.
First, we checked in at The Grace, our hotel in the Central Business District. After a much needed shower we cabbed it to The Star casino. What else is better for a rainy day than a Vegas-style mega casino with endless entertainment options for us? Upon arrival we are instantly impressed with the size of it, we could easily get lost. There are several restaurants and bars including a Momofuku and Marquee nightclub, but pretty much everything was closed. We found out the hard way that this was the tail end of a holiday weekend celebrating Australia Day, so most places were closed. We got some mediocre pork buns and fish and chips, then made our way to a sports bar for a beer before we departed. We knew Sydney had more to offer, and it wasn’t in the casino. We left The Star wishing we’d seen its full potential. 
At P.J. O'Brien's. They just got jacked.
57 King St.
30 York St.
It’s pouring. We cab it back to the hotel to gather our thoughts at the pub downstairs. At P.J. O’Brien’s we sip on Australian wine while laughing and chatting, then we realize we’ve yet to hear our first Australian accent in Australia. We’ve heard Irish and Indian so far. We must continue on, so we boldly cross the street to The Forbes Hotel (Side Note: “hotel” is thrown in the names of most bars when they are in fact NOT a hotel). We sat inside, looking out to the rain, and enjoyed a bottle of white wine called BTW. It made us giggly, tipsy, and giddy to see that we made it to happy hour without falling asleep from flight exhaustion or too much wine. The bar was filling out and “ELLO!” would slip from my lips occasionally. Later, I realized I do more of an exaggerated English accent than Australian. Luckily we have a week to perfect our Australian accents…

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