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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maxim's Palace Dim Sum

Maxim's Palace
Dim Sum in Hong Kong
High Block, City Hall, Hong Kong

This banquet hall serves a more upscale dim sum than Tim Ho Wan, but with the upscale atmosphere comes higher prices! The room is large and bright, with delicate plates and silverware. The servers with pushcarts came around with various plates that we shared via lazy susan at our large round table.  The soup dumplings were my favorite. It’s like a foodie game, how to pick one up and eat it without it popping or spilling any of the soupy contents within. The pork buns were excellent… haven’t had a bad one yet in Hong Kong...
Inside Maxim's Palace

Place setting
Some plates on the lazy susan
Carefully eating a soup dumpling, shrimp and corn roll, pork buns

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