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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A visit to the world's cheapest Michelin Star rated restaurant

Tim Ho Wan
Dim Sum in Hong Kong
 2-20 Kwong Wa St., Mong Kok
Hong Kong
Dim sum is a big part of Chinese culture. It’s typically a brunch-time meal made up of several small shared dishes including chicken feet, pork buns, dumplings with various fillings, vegetables with oyster sauce, rice, etc. I recommend trying the worlds cheapest Michelin Star rated restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. 
 Now there are three locations in Hong Kong, but we chose to pay a visit to the original location in Kowloon. Be prepared to wait on line for a while, because the restaurant only holds about 20 people at a time. We arrived an hour before opening, second in line. By opening time, the line was wrapped around the block, and we had our orders already placed with a punch card. It’s a fast paced dining experience, but totally worth the wait. The pork buns were so flaky, almost like they were made with Pillsbury crescent roll dough. A little sweet, a little savory! The plates kept coming and I was slowly fading….
Chicken feet. A very popular dim sum dish I tried for the first time!
Rice and pork wrapped in leaf
Pork buns
Chicken feet, veggie dumplings, spare ribs, shrimp shumai
Rice and pork wrapped in egg
Something sweet and fried
I can't get past the look of it. Rice wrap with pork inside and vinegar?
For a total of 19 plates, it only cost $40. This is a budget travelers dream come true.
HKD 321 = $40!

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