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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seoul, Korea: BBQ

Maple Tree House
Itaewon, Seoul
116-1 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu

We stayed in the Itaewon area of Seoul this time. It’s full of bars, clubs, and restaurants of various international cuisines. Before we left for the airport, we had our final meal at a modern BBQ joint, Maple Tree House. The scent of our final meal would be embedded into our clothes for the next 24 hours before our next shower back in New York. The reason for this being that Korean BBQ is full of beefy, garlicky, spicy smoke. It’s worth it! If I could bottle the scent I would. 

We ordered the beef bulgogi and out came an array of side dishes and cooked sesame leaves to wrap it all in. Among the side dishes, we were given the usual: kimchi, garlic, omelette, scallions, rice. We also tried acorn jelly for the first time, and enjoyed a steaming hot bowl of spicy kimchi soup. We accompanied our meal with some soju and Cass beer. After all, what is a vacation lunch without booze? 

While the bulgogi and veggies cooked, we toasted our drinks to a return trip to Seoul. The sweet little lady cooking our meat at the table knew that us round-eyes would need help cutting the big pieces of meat with only chopsticks to use as our tool. She cut up the beef and veggies with her scissors to avoid us having to rip the meat apart with our teeth like American pigs. Then we enjoyed the bulgogi-stuffed sesame leaves and left with a full belly and happy memories of the Itaewon district of Seoul.

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