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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sicily: 15-Course Seafood Dinner

15-Course Seafood Dinner
Palermo, Sicily
Nothing fancy on the outside, but isn't that usually the case for hidden gems?

Via Torretta, 78
Palermo, Italy
+39 091 532934

I was told to expect the best seafood in Sicily, and lots of it. Over the past year or so, I’ve been training my palate to acquire a taste for seafood, unaware of the marathon meal that was ahead. Some friends took us to their favorite spot in Palermo, where 25 per person gets you 15 courses. Take a look at some of the family-style seafood plates we devoured.
Frutti di mare cold seafood salad.
Stuffed sardines.
Smoked tuna.
Swordfish Polpette.
Fried calamari.
Bait. That's what I called it. Looks like fried bait. 
 Seafood meatballs.
Pasta with clams.
Seafood risotto.
Penne with tuna and octopus.
Fish platter.
Sgroppino lemon sorbet to end the meal and clean the fish taste from our mouths.

I felt privileged to be taken to an authentic Sicilian seafood restaurant, where locals come for a good meal. I was the only tourist in sight, and I walked away feeling like I was let in on a secret. Down 15 plates, and countless bottles of wine, it's time to go home.

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