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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vegas Wedding

1301 Las Vegas Boulevard South
No, I didn't get married in Vegas. But I got to witness my parents vow-renewal at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.  

We pulled up to the chapel and took in our surroundings. On the outside, crunchy astro turf and a gazebo overlooking the highway. And on the inside, it was all about faux ivy and flower arrangements, low ceilings, and year-round tinsel. We loved it. A 70-year-old couple that met on were on their way out as Mom and Dad went in. 

The gazebo of my wedding dreams

My parents were renewing their vows after 29 years of marriage. The ceremony was Vegas-chic (oxymoron perhaps?). Elvis performed beautifully and our pastor acknowledged the love she saw that they had for each other. I felt she was genuinely touched by their love and commitment......until I saw her head pop out of a drive-thru window to wed a man in his 40's to a woman in her 80's. Did I just witness a crime? I choose to believe that they too have a strong love for each other and the Little White Wedding Chapel provides only classy, sober, well-intended marriages of love! 

Drive-thru wedding, may I take your order?
Drive-thru wedding, there's an old lady slumped in the passenger seat somewhere :(

In the end, I caught the bouquet and we got back in our fancy white limo and proceeded to have a mid-day dim sum reception.

I caught the bouquet, despite all the competition

The reception took place at Noodles in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. We began with a round of Mai Tai's that fell somewhere on the potency-spectrum above swigging rum from the bottle and below swigging gasoline from the pump. In other words: they were delicious! 

Edamame, spare ribs, dumplings
We proceeded to order several dishes including edamame, spare ribs, steamed pork buns, chicken skewers, etc. The edamame was, for lack of better culinary terms, "meh" but everything else was outstanding! My two favorites were the steamed pork buns and the pancake dough with curry sauce. I will start making this place a regular hangout for me whenever I come to Vegas. That's a guarantee.
Fried dough with curry sauce
Steamed pork buns

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