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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brussels: Delirium Cafe

Delirium Cafe
Delirium Cafe
Impasse De La Fidelite 4A 4, Brussels
+32 2 514 44 34

My first time in Brussels was three years ago, and I stumbled upon a massive pub down a quaint narrow alley. It’s called Delirium Café, and the first thing I noticed was the 4-inch-thick binder they called ‘the menu’. I browsed the menu for something different, and it certainly had options. I had a coconut beer, made by Mongozo exotic beers, and it was served to me in a coconut shell. I knew this would be a place to visit again…

This week, I made it back to Brussels, back to the Delirium Café for round two. I forgot just how spacious the interior is. With three floors of bars and outdoor seating, I was surprised at how crowded the place was on a Monday night. Delirium Tremens bottles lined the walls in the lower level. Popular American music played throughout, and there was a lot of English being spoken. Undoubtedly it’s a tourist bar, but I found nothing wrong with that! Famed for having over 3,000 different beers (each with the applicable glass to match!), Delirium Café is the threshold for beer experimentation. 

We sat ourselves at a table in the back, and I went off to order a few of the wackiest beers I could get my hands on. I noticed the menu isn’t as thick with laminated pages as it used to be. Now it’s published into what looks like a magazine, with beer categorized by country, and it’s available for sale at the bar for 5! Several minutes later, I returned from the lower level bar with a variety of beer. We had sour cherry beer, apricot beer, and cookie beer. There were mixed reviews at the table. Everyone else voted the cookie beer as most puke-inducing. I thought it was all right, though it didn’t taste strongly of cookies. My least favorite was the apricot beer. It was super sweet, lightly carbonated, and not chilled enough for me. 

Our next round was a bit less eccentric. Still, I had Satan Gold, an 8% Belgian beer. It was the tastiest goblet of devil juice I’ve ever had. We finished the round and called it a night. I appreciate all the Belgian beers I got to try during this trip, and being served beer in a goblet is always a good thing. Delirium Café is my number one recommendation for all beer lovers around the world. 

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