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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rome: Gelateria Del Teatro

Gelateria Del Teatro

Gelateria Del Teatro
Via di San Simone, 70
06 45474880

Tucked away on the small street of Via di San Simone, there is a unique gelateria that combines familiar flavors infused with unsuspected ingredients. This place is not yet swarming with tourists, because of its inconspicuous location. However, if they knew just how close it really is to the ever-famous tourist attraction, Piazza Navona, it would quickly become swamped. 
The sign is small, and framed by vines. The flavors are overwhelming. Chocolate with red wine, raspberry sage, and ginger were some of the innovative flavors in the showcase. I sprung for rosemary honey lemon, and white chocolate basil. Both were actually sweet and not overwhelmed by the rosemary or basil. It was balanced surprisingly well and I almost went back for seconds. Almost. 

Yet another pin added on my foodie map of Rome!

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