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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rome: Bar Mariani

Bar Mariani

Via dei Pettinari, 44

This traditional Italian bar is the backdrop of my business card thanks to the rustic storefront sign perched off the wall contrasting against the clear blue sky. It offers morning espresso, cappuccino and cornetto, aperitivi, and pastries as well. It's untouched by the changing times, refusing to modernize with the trends. I appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of it all. The owner was happy to hear that I admired her shop so much, and gave us an impromptu tour of the back of the bar. It was a mini museum of sorts with old ovens, mixers, and a mortar and pestle from years ago. In its previous life it was a full bakery. I enjoyed hearing about the roots of this quaint bar, and knowing that it holds on to its history in the back room makes me realize how special it is. 
Inside Bar Mariani

In the back room

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