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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prague at Night: U Sudu

U Sudu

Vodičkova 677/10
 +420 222 232 207

With a 24-hour layover in Prague, time was ticking fast and our mission was clear. The picturesque day of sightseeing quickly turned to night and we needed to find a locals bar with atmosphere, authenticity, and most importantly, cheap beer. After a $7 beer at our hotel’s “happy hour”, we were recommended to try U Sudu. The beer was cheap, as requested. A pint was only 40 Kč, which is equal to $2! At first glance it seems like an ordinary pub, until you walk through the labyrinth of brick-walled rooms. Each room has multiple tables, some have foosball, and dimly lit bars. We sipped on Pilsner Urquell, and closed the night with a shot of some kind of green peppermint schnapps. It was an excellent setting for our one night in Prague.

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