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Thursday, March 15, 2012

NYC: Crif Dogs/PDT

Crif Dogs & PDT

113 St. Marks Place

113 St. Marks Place

Nestled in on the east end of St. Marks is a dicey-looking hot dog joint that's worthy of a closer look. Crif Dogs has some innovative hot dogs that keep a constant crowd at hand. Don’t be afraid of their wild toppings such as pineapple, pickles, sour cream, and fried eggs. It actually works! With bacon-wrapped hot dogs, veggie dogs, and everything bagel dogs with a smear of cream cheese, you really will fulfill any craving here. 

When you think you’ve tried them all, think again. There's an exclusive menu for the secret speakeasy that is located through the phone booth in Crif Dogs. Reservations are highly recommended, so call at 3PM the day you want to come in. That’s the only way to do it. It’s called PDT (Please Don’t Tell), accessible only through the phone booth, but first you must pick up the phone to alert the hostess to open the door. They only allow enough people that there are seats for, no more than that. So there will be no crowds of people standing at the bar waiting to catch the bartenders attention.
The infamous phone booth

Once inside, the bartender goes to work
Once inside, you will be presented an exclusive menu of unique cocktails and hot dogs. Inspired by Momofuku mastermind, David Chang, the Chang Dog is bacon-wrapped, deep-fried, and topped with Momofuku kimchi. I also tasted the Wylie Dog, which is a deep-fried dog with basically a tube of deep-fried mayo, tomato molasses, shredded lettuce and dried onions. If you are on a diet, DO NOT ENTER!!! To balance all that fried, fatty goodness, I sampled the Hummer. It’s a veggie dog topped with hummus, pickles, and peppers. Not bad at all
Classic dog on the left, Chang Dog on the right
Inside the Wylie Dog
When in doubt, champagne & franks is my favorite combo. (Hummer Dog)

To drink, I tried the bacon-infused bourbon with maple syrup. It was a delicious southern BBQ in my mouth. Other cocktails I can’t remember the details on but they involved candied ginger, pretty colors, and umbrella garnishes. Therefore, they were heavenly! Apparently PDT has a cocktail book for sale which has the recipes for their concoctions that you cannot find on their website. Personally, I will not be making these drinks at home. I like the adventure of making my way inside PDT to enjoy the unrivaled selection of cocktails I can’t find anywhere else. 
Bacon-infused bourbon with maple syrup
A few exotic cocktails

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