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Sunday, March 11, 2012

EasyJet: Flying Rome to London

Flying Rome to London

Similar to taking the bus or train to work, EasyJet is a no-frills commuter airline. Tickets are cheap so tourists can country-hop through the language barriers of Europe with about the same effort (or less) as it would for me to fly JFK to Miami. In this case, we were flying Rome to London. There are no seat assignments so we found ourselves pulling a fast one by pre-boarding (even though we didn’t purchase the additional priority boarding option, they didn’t stop us). Luckily, we got some prime overhead space and a whole row of seats at the front of the aircraft. I slowly watched the rise and fall of EasyJet boarding…
The boarding pass should’ve been a red flag. It read, “If you’re late, we won’t wait!” I knew this was a no-nonsense airline. As the final few passengers had to gate check their roll-aboard bags due to full overhead compartments, one woman in particular was frantic because she didn’t know why her bag was being taken off the plane. She spoke no English whatsoever (I would think this is acceptable, being that we are still in Rome, no?). However, the English flight attendant felt it would help to talk loud and slowly in the womans face to say, “I don’t speak your language, I don’t know what you’re saying. We have to check in your bag unless you don’t want to fly with us today.”
I needed popcorn. 
That’s it, the flight went well, I slept mostly. The two flight attendants glared at passengers and kept to themselves mostly. They could use a course or two in customer service, but I arrived safely and comfortably, so overall I was happy with the flight. I will absolutely fly EasyJet again, especially after seeing the incredibly cheap fares for flights from Rome to Palermo (Approx. $30!). 

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