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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Todd English P.U.B. Challenge

Crystals at CityCenter

My buddy Joe did the 7-second beer challenge at Todd English P.U.B. at the Crystals shopping center in Las Vegas. If you can chug a beer in 7 seconds or less, your beer is free. A challenge that Joe was not afraid to take!

7-second success!

To compliment the beer, we ordered the Dirty Chips; blue cheese potato chips with fried chicken livers. We followed that with some sliders, chicken tacos, and a foot long hot dog. YUM!

Dirty Chips


Chicken tacos and foot long dog
As you can imagine, our night ended here. I'm kidding!

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  1. Hey. Its ben from airport. We are having dinner on sunday night in steak place or french place

    I am at Sheraton tribeca if you wanna get in touch. I am following u on twitter. Twat me up