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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rome Hotel: Ponte Sisto

Via dei Pettinari 64
+39 06 6863 1166

This time in Rome, we stayed at Hotel Ponte Sisto off of Campo de Fiore in our favorite part of the city. Location is most important to me when choosing a hotel. I'd rather pay a bit more to be walking distance to where I want to go, than have to take a bus to a train then walk a mile to get there! For $285/night we had the junior suite; a room with two twin beds and a room with a single bed. Simple, bare, and exactly what we needed. The price of the room included free wifi in the lobby and complimentary breakfast. I was able to have my morning cappucino and cornetto in the room, a beautiful thing.

I woke up each morning to the sound of mopeds and church bells, just as I do at home in my recurrent Roman dreams. It was absolute heaven to wake up to those sounds. I think I would even find the sound of an Italian ambulance to be a pleasant wake-up call as long as I’m in my favorite city. 
The view of Via dei Pettinari out my window
The room was spacious and comfortable, as well as the bathroom. The staff was English-speaking very helpful. There was a beautiful courtyard I would've enjoyed more if it were a bit warmer out. My only complaint was the room key. We had a hard time getting into the room because the key just wouldn’t work. If I jiggled it just right, we would eventually get in. But let me point out, it was in fact the key, and not the fact that I had been seeing double since my 3rd round of post-dinner-drinks. Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...
The hotel courtyard


  1. Very great and awesome experience. Thank you for sharing your experience because I learn something about Rome and the some hotels in that country. I will convince my wife to visit this hotel and I'm sure she will like it very much. Thank you again for sharing this with us.

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  2. I lost my virginity in the single room of your junior suite! Best hotel ever, would def stay there again!