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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Grand Renovation at MGM Las Vegas

MGM Grand lobby, live tweet feed behind me, look for @JackOfAllTravei
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Today I checked into the newly renovated executive queen suite at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

5th floor renovated hallway decor

Inside my executive queen suite
The room is almost 700 square feet and decorated in subtle shades of purple. At first glance I know I will be a happy camper. Personally, I didn't think the rooms at MGM needed renovating at all. But I like that MGM took initiative and got started with modernizing the rooms before they become outdated looking like some 1990's motel.

In my room

Somehow my room came with a $65 food and beverage credit thanks to a Facebook promotion. That credit was used immediately on an extensive lunch at MGM's Wolfgang Puck. The tuna tartare was delicious, and so were the blue cheese truffle chips. You can't go wrong with a Wolfgang burger, either. To conclude our meal, we ordered two slices of pie, which the staff personalized on a plate with a variety or sorbets and ice cream.

Dirty remote!
I have only two minor complaints so far. First, where is the iPod docking station?! I am spoiled now, and I totally expect to blast my playlist through mini speakers while charging my phone on the nightstand. However, I'll get over it! My other concern while staying in hotel rooms, is the cleanliness. This room is impeccably clean, except for the tv remote. Everyone knows how germy the remote can be, because it sometimes gets overlooked in the housekeeping process (or so I hear). Well, mine has a piece of some kind of crusty goop on it, and I'm a avoiding it like the plague! But like I said, those are minuscule problems and so far I am having quite a good time.

More to come on my Vegas experience. I can't promise my future reports will be from a sober Jack...
Truffle blue cheese chips and prosecco at Wolfgang Puck in MGM
Pie and sorbet
Vegas chow-down
Tuna tartare
Wolfgang burger


  1. Hi Jack of All Travels. Have you checked out the town of Bellmore, NY yet? There are a lot of nice bars near the train station with great ladies nights. Maybe I'll see you at one on a Tuesday night.

  2. Ah yes! The beautiful pub-filled town of Bellmore! I do love McBrides Irish pub and everyone should visit it! Thanks for checking out my blog :)