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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Faces of Rome

As I sit outside at my favorite bar, La Botticella, I see this woman walk up to a table next door to give a free dance. She's a familiar face I often see in Rome, and I love when she pops up.

As I’ve made very clear, I am partial to Rome. I’m not sure if it’s the summer of study abroad in 2006 that should take all the credit for my infatuation, or whether it’s the consistency of exceptional experiences I have without fail each visit. I know I’ll see the same faces roaming the streets, and taste familiar flavors from specific places that cannot be replicated. 

There are certain faces I see regularly. The young, blonde, seemingly-homeless woman that I see every time without fail reminds me of an undercover Lady Gaga. She could be an artist, she could be a hippie, but I'll never know. But I can count on seeing her again. 
Over the years, we always spot our girl. Clockwise from bottom left: June 2009, July 2011, September 2011, February 2012.

I frequent the same leather handbag shop T-Nobile and I appreciate the owner throwing in a scarf for free with our purchase because he knows we will come back for more. Our favorite bartender, Giovanni of La Botticella, makes the best Strawberry Caprioskas, strong yet sweet. Without fail, I always end up meeting new and interesting people at La Botticella. A group of drunk study abroad students, a flight crew kicking back on their layover, a family on vacation (coincidentally) from my own neighborhood thousands of miles away! Franco, from Camponeschi in Piazza Farnese, always welcomes us with open arms and brings over endless bruschette to go with our fresh fruit bellinis. 
Strawberry Caprioskas at La Botticella
Franco at Camponeschi bringing us cocktails

I can count on Rome to provide familiarity to me. The face of the Pantheon lit up by the sunset during an early evening aperitivo in the Piazza della Rotonda is beautifully eerie and breathtaking. Whether it's the familiar faces, or familiar surroundings that keep me coming back, I know that Rome will always feel like home.
A sunset aperitivo in front of the Pantheon


  1. Hi I'm going to Rome for the first time in June and I would love to know more about T-Nobile since I've heard a few whisperings about their great value . How have your bags held up after use? And what is their price range?
    Any other low/moderately priced store you recommend? Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Often you can find inexpensive shops down the side streets of Campo de Fiore. T-Nobile is located off of Campo de Fiore on Via dei Pettinari. You will find every color, shape, and size in quality leather handbags and accessories. It's a great value and they are very helpful in the store.

    Another favorite shop of mine has great middle eastern looking rings and necklaces starting at 5 Euro. It has no name on the store front but the address is 171 Corso Vittorio Emanuele. It's not too hard to find once you get on the main street.

    Off of Piazza Navona there is Via del Governo Vecchio which has a lot of thrift/vintage shops. I hope this helped! My advise when you get to Rome is to just stroll the streets and you will stumble upon many shops along the way. But if you get the chance, try to check out some of those places!