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Friday, February 3, 2012

NYC: Beauty & Essex

Pawn shop store front
146 Essex Street
Pawn shop / cocktail lounge. I heard about this place recently and my main incentive for going was the rumor that they serve complimentary pink champagne in the ladies room. The rumor is true. Well…When the champagne lady shows up. I was tempted to throw one of the lonely bottles from the unattended ice bucket into my purse and run like a bat out of hell. But I’m a classy lady. I don’t steal! 

We arrived too early to get the full effect of this place.We were the only ones there, and it seemed like the staff was still setting up. Sitting at the bar we each enjoyed a cocktail. My drink, the Dark Chocolate Velvet, was a mixture of Guinness and prosecco. You are thinking it’s a terrible combination, right? It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. Tastes like the two delicious flavors probably shouldn’t be sharing a flute. But I like the idea of it and for a one-time cocktail I don’t regret it! Earl the Pearl was a much better choice. Belvedere vodka, earl grey tea, lemon, and mint syrup. Yummy! 
We ordered the grilled cheese, smoked bacon, tomato soup dumplings. The portion was small but perfect for sharing. The flavor was on point and I could’ve eaten much more! Whether it's the vintage skull purse I saw in the pawn shop or the bathroom champagne that gets me there, I do plan on going to back to Beauty & Essex.
Skull purse in the pawn shop at B&E

Inside the pawn shop showcase at B&E

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  1. Earl the Pearl was great! Nonetheless, I wish they actually served the blood orange cocktail listed on the menu :( I want to go back and reap the full benefits of the champagne in the ladies room!