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Friday, January 27, 2012

San Francisco: Fairmont Hotel, Caffe Trieste, Dosa Indian

950 Mason Street

Me in the closed Tonga Room

I spent my Tuesday in San Francisco, it was strictly a pleasure trip. Mom and I stayed at The Fairmont Hotel, particularly because I wanted to sip some Mai Tai's in their tiki bar called the Tonga Room. Upon check in, my dreams are squashed and I'm told the Tonga Room is closed on Tuesdays. The perky receptionist suggests I'll just have to come back for a visit again soon! I'm not amused. Eventually I got over it and we took a walk into town.

Rewarding view after a long uphill walk

How do people live in San Francisco? Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, the people are friendly, the climate is perfection, and there's a surplus of choices for food and drink. You see, what I'm talking about is the feeling of walking down streets so steep I might as well wear a harness so I can repel down like its a cliff. It's the downhill part that gets me the most. At least after walking uphill I can count on that post-workout feeling in my butt and thighs so I can justify this day of carb and fat overload.

601 Vallejo Street

 After an early wake up call, 6 hours of flying, and a good chunk of walking, it was time for my afternoon IV drip of espresso. We take a locals suggestion and head over to Caffe Trieste, a pretty famous spot in North Beach. Back in the 1950's it was the first place for espresso on the West Coast, or so they tell us. This is the opposite of Starbucks. It's full of artists and musicians sipping on beer or espresso. We sit down with a frothy cappuccino and map out the rest of our day.

1700 Fillmore Street

As our day turns to night, we found ourselves at Dosa on Fillmore, an Indian restaurant. Believe it or not, I've never eaten out at an Indian restaurant. This was a curry puff delight. We had samosas, lamb kebab, lentil dumplings, and lamb chops.
Samosas 'North & South'
South filled with caramelized onions and veggies
North filled with spiced potatos
Beautiful chandelier at Dosa

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