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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NYC: Takashi

456 Hudson Street

Complimentary starters awaiting consumption on the grill
This is the kind of Japanese spot I will frequent anytime I’m in the West Village neighborhood.   It’s not only the food, but it’s the authentic Japanese toilet, the TOTO Washlet. Warm seated, various bidet options, and kind enough to open or close the lid at the appropriate time. But less bathroom talk, more food talk. This is an all beef menu, and some items are more adventurous than others. Vegetarians beware! It was fate that I was at their doorstep at 6PM sharp right as they opened, and so it began….
For a more personalized approach to sake, you may select your own glass from an assortment of mix-matched eclectic glasses. After some sake, out came three complimentary appetizers, kimchi, cabbage, and bean sprouts with peanuts.
A beautiful presentation of beef tartare

To start, we ordered Yooke. Thin shredded chuck eye tartare with quail egg yolk, toasted sesame seeds, and Korean seaweed.  Being that I usually eat my meat cooked, the texture threw me off at first. However it didn’t take long to start enjoying the mixture of flavors.
Pre-cooked short rib (bottom) and tongue (top)
To grill at the table, we had kalbi (short rib) and shio-tan (tongue).  Dipped in the special sauce and cooked by yours truly. A side of bakudan rice bombs covered in Korean seaweed and pickled sesame leaf completed the dish. So delicious I could shed a tear.

Finally, to end on a high note, Madagascar vanilla ice cream with rice dumplings and salted caramel syrup. Topped off with an edible flake of gold, which the waiter explained actually benefits our health in some way. I stopped listening when I felt its instantaneous health benefits kick in by inducing me into a heavenly food coma. 

To experience a TOTO Washlet, click here to find the closest one to you.
Let me know if you get as excited as I do over it.

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