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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

36 Hours in Hong Kong

November 2011. We started in the Detroit airport and danced our way through the streets of Hong Kong.

Our first stop, a local spot for some noodles and beer right next to our hotel, Harbour Plaza Resort City in New Territories. To drink? The local brew, Blue Girl. A beer of German descent, but brewed in Hong Kong for the past hundred years. Not bad, not bad at all....

Cheers to our first chow down

First night down. We wake up fresh. See the sights. Blah, blah, blah. I come across a sight that excites me the most. The dreaded PUBLIC RESTROOM. With tiny ants creeping around the shallow hole in the ground, and fruit flies hovering a little too close to your hole, I introduce to you the Ladies Room! I happily accept the challange presented to me and muster up the urge to go, for I could never pass up this kind of excitement...

In the end all went well, it was a success. However, I leave the restroom with a thought. Is it wrong to find such a wholehearted delight in a public restroom? 

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